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It was my honor to blurb Jackson Pearce‘s frank and funny young-adult novel, Purity. Here’s what I had to say for my first book cover blurb:

Out now!

“Reading Jackson Pearce’s Purity feels like talking on the phone with a lively and honest best friend—who is telling it like it is. Shelby reminds us all to be first and foremost true to ourselves. This book is a must-read for anyone thinking about making promises to themselves or others.”

Done any firsts lately?

Irvine Welsh giving us the grimy at the PEN Speakeasy: Sex; Erotic Reading last night. That’s Edmund White, Honor Moore, and Yael Hedaya behind him—waiting to crack their books, legs, and lips open. The red-lit reading started around midnight with a purity pledge led by Katie Halper and came full-circle with a rim job story a la Sir White.

I shared a crowded elevator with Salman Rushdie and his entourage on the way out. Together we fell flights down, down, down from the Boom Boom Room.

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