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June is Pride month. As a kind of meditation, I read books by queer authors or stories about queer people. Some have been in my TBR stacks for ages, some newly published for the season.

Here’s what I read:

O’Keeffe: The Life of an American Legend (1993) an obsessive biography about the artist by Jeffrey Hogrefe.

Myriam Gurba’s Mean (2017) is described as part memoir, part ghost story, part true crime. And it is all art.

This cover, tho. Myriam Gurba, Mean (2017)


Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair that Shaped a First Lady (2016), an epistolary-based biography about Eleanor Roosevelt and reporter Lorena Hickok, and their found love letters by Susan Quinn.

My partner and I read David Sedaris’ new collection of essays, Calypso (2018), together, like total lesbians. I held the book; she made slight nods when it was time to turn the page.

For fun, I read When Katie Met Cassidy (2018), a novel love story, swooning around modern day NYC by Camille Perri.

And I’ve just started Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions, and Criticisms (2018) by Michelle Tea, whose perfect punk pitch of love and fight promises to help get me through July 4th this year.

Seeing this list–all together here–suddenly feels remarkable. These books represent such a spectrum of age, class, gender, and queerness; where they call home, spreading from North Carolina to LA, Brooklyn to New Mexico; their work exhibiting a variety of fineness. But also. For as fantastically diverse as they are in some respects, they are predominantly white authors writing about white characters or about white subjects.

My books are not usually so white. This is something I’m super intentional about. I read non-fiction (pretty much non-stop) because I’m interested in people and history. I deeply appreciate all of these books–adore that these stories are being shared–but it’s also true that there are so, so, so, so many stories yet to be supported into books.

The Feminist Press is hosting their Louise Meriwether First Book Prize for a debut work by a woman or non-binary author of color. Today is the last day to submit a manuscript. If you’re waiting for a sign, an omen, a flapping flag of some sort, may this be it.

In celebration of my opinionated listicle “Chelsea Pride” being published in The Observer, here are 24 places that I adore in Chelsea.

  1. The wisteria tree on 21st between 9th and 10th Avenue.
  2. Empire Diner. Their Old Fashioned is the only way to start a weekend.
  3. Visionary Optics. For your MYKITAs.
  4. Appellation Wines. Natural, organic, or biodynamic wines.
  5. Spruce. The bouquets are perfection.
  6. Authentiques. Just stop by.
  7. The Commons. Iced Americanos.
  8. Spear Physical Therapy. When you need it.
  9. Masion 140. Accent pillows etc.
  10. Monmarte. The back garden is for swooning.
  11. Rhong Tiam. Sit in the window and stare at Gym Bar.
  12. Cheim Read. Because they represent so many greats–specifically Ghada Amer.
  13. Joyce Theater. Season tickets always delight.
  14. New London Pharmacy. Reminder: NYC is a small town.
  15. Sid’s Bikes. Linus bikes. Spin shorts. Free air hose.
  16. Bathtub Gin.  Notably Wasabassco Burlesque on Sundays and Tuesdays.
  17. 192 Books. Art books.
  18. The man who sells the bubble guns on 23rd and 6th Avenue.

    Most mornings on the southwest corner of 6 and 23

    Most mornings on the southwest corner of 6 and 23

  19. Le Zie. Spagetti and Meatballs.
  20. Malin + Goetz. Must-haves galore.
  21. Foragers Market Chelsea. They sell Coohaus ice cream cookie sammies.
  22. The High Line. Every night, after dark.
  23. Billy’s Bakery. Where I’m celebrating the publication of this listicle.
  24. Chelsea Piers Sports Center. (It’s Melinda that goes to four different gyms!)

Happy Pride. This month and always. xx

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