Thank you to everyone who chirped about my New York Times “Ring-Finger Follies” essay on Twitter. I wish I knew how to tweet so that I could thank all of you individually and shake your handles. Instead, I’ll hoot-n-holler here (kinda like a retweet, right?) about the Top Ten Tweets of my wonderful week of Modern Love.

10. Thank you to all the chicks who dared their flocks to read and not cry. Thank you to all that tried and reportedly failed.

9. Thank you ajchavar for shouting out the clerk at the County Clerk’s Office. If anybody out there knows a twenty-something guy studying in D.C. who has two moms and worked in Manhattan last August, please, please tweet him for me.

8. Thank you wearewu01. I’m so proud to be family…but maybe you could help your cuz understand what @theellenshow means?

7. Thank you bookladysblog for your eagle eye that brought this typo to my attention. I do know the difference and am beating my bird brain to figure out how that happened! Regardless, any chance you’re available for freelance editing?

6. Thank you kate_the_great for sharing the bare ring-finger pain.

5. Thank you New York Times and Mr. Daniel Jones for the Modern Love column.

4. Thank you jesscribe for keeping it real.



3. Thank you Anne, Matthew, tnb, Trey, Cousin-in-law—and all the friends and family I failed to recognize by their #handle—who support me in life and on Twitter.


2. Thank you for celebrating Marriage Equality Sunday with me—now and always.

Now, onwards to the remaining 44 states…

1. Thank you to the many who retweeted “Melinda, will you marry me?” I did my best to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you for helping me with the treetops of Twitter.



Thank you all.