I spied “Shorty” from across the street. And I felt her. Writing her shit over and over and over—practicing the best way to leave her mark. Personally, I spread my practicing out. Harder to see the progression that way. But Shorty put drafts one, two, and three out there on a single, blank slab.

If this were a writing workshop, I’d say something about the first draft being a little unclear. That I feared a lazy, crazy reader might interpret her as being, “Snotty.” In Draft 3, was she playing with language? “Shorety” was definitely phonetic and may add to the character if she had a tendency to, say, go to the shore or stockpile in the heavenly sense or exaggerate the pronunciation of “or.” She’d need to clarify. Especially if it was all really subliminally about shoes. Draft 2 worked for me. I got it. I liked the balance of the “S” introduction with the “y” ending. In the space between, her pacing was good—especially when she swerved through the tough transition from “o” to “r.”

“Get it out there,” I would definitely recommend. “See what they say.” Hoping Shorty was ready to battle. She’d have to if she wanted to make a name for herself and get out from under the ever-established, already-quoted, forever-first “fatboy.” But shit, maybe Shorty only ever wanted this little piece of place on the corner of The Avenue of the Americas. Maybe I was reading into things. Either/or, if you see Shorty, could you tell me?