Two days in Montecito, California feels like four. Perhaps the time difference has something to do with it—waking up unprompted at 5a.m. PST with the birds—is invigorating. But beyond that, there does seem to be something magical about the little village outside of Santa Barbara that actually slows down time and enriches each moment.

Melinda and I were visiting her friend who moved out there a few years ago. Wandering around her estate landscaped with magnolia trees, pink roses, and layers upon layers of lavender and lilacs, it felt like we were in the South of France. Actually, Montecito is the Provence of the United States. Everywhere I looked, the scenery resembled a Claude Monet painting—before he lost his eyesight.

Go, if you can. Fly Jet Blue into Burbank; skip L.A. unless you have a compelling reason to visit. Rent a luxury car for $30 a day (only in California). And eat at Jeannine’s every chance you get. If you’re so inclined, I’d recommend hitting the Bikini Factory in Summerland. I spent a small fortune there on beachwear and found flip-flops with soles made from repurposed yoga mats (really, only in California!).

We were lucky. We made it just in time to enjoy the sun, mountains, and ocean before June Gloom set in. The first waves of the thick fog were starting to roll in as we drove back to the airport. Pushing back from the gate, I was feeling pretty glum. Until I looked out at the tarmac and saw Jet Blue employees—the baggage handlers, plane trafficker, a security manager in her pencil skirt uniform and Versace sunglasses with slicked back hair, straight out of a Robert Palmer video, and the fuel guy—all stood in a line, waving at us! Waving goodbye! I was totally touched.

Now, I’ll admit that I create brands for a living—and if waving is part of Jet Blue’s brand experience, then I commend them. If it’s something special to Burbank, then give those brand ambassador employees a high-five. Does anyone know? Is waving normal—or just Jet Blue Burbank?